CS Lab produces intense, immersive workshops for CS leaders in startups to create a community for exchange, brainstorming and real innovation.

This is a peer-to-peer experience for support leaders where ideas, insights, and inspiration are exchanged between diverse industries, and different growth-stage startups. CS Lab workshops take place in San Francisco and in London.

“The CS Lab Workshops are an invaluable resource for understanding the customer service landscape. I leave with a wealth of information about new technologies, industry trends and actionable insights that I can take back and improve my service organization. The workshops bring together an inspiring group of peers and have created a community that I can lean on when wrestling with challenging issues. I’m so appreciative of Sophie, Eric and the group of people they bring together!”
— Zo Silver – Head of User Success & Safety at Change.org
“I’ve been a CS Lab Workshop attendee since the first one and have walked away with new tools for my customer service toolbox, insights into the latest innovations in customer service and actionable steps to level up my team and my own game. Every. Single. Time. Not to mention the fantastic community of customer service leaders that has blossomed from these workshops to create a valuable support network for each other.”
— Amy Muller – VP Customer Care & Community at Automatic Labs
“I am forever grateful for the outstanding insight and connections I’ve gained from being a part of the CS Lab workshop since I joined the first session 3 years ago. Coming in as a new head of a customer service organization for a rocketship company, I found myself needing to quickly build strong foundations in an unfamiliar market. I was extremely fortunate to find such a tight-knit community of executives who were candid in sharing their best practices and strategies. The range of topics have ranged from hiring profiles, building QA programs, and KPIs to understanding upcoming trends in automation tooling in CS tools. It’s my secret tool when it comes to strategizing how to offer best in class customer service and I constantly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to learn and share.”
— Jason Yun – Product Operations Manager at Cruise Automation and first Manager of Customer Happiness at Instacart
“The CS Lab workshops might be the most important events I attend in the Support space every year. Sophie and Eric are incredibly forward looking, focusing on where the industry will be in the next few years rather than just where it has been. Whatever stage of business you are in, you will leave the workshop with new ideas, new skills, and new friends in the industry.”
— Ben MacAskill – COO at SmugMug
“CS Lab has been a tremendous resource for learning from industry experts, leaders and peers on all things Customer. I’ve attended nearly every CS Lab workshop since I was first invited in 2014 because it is always beneficial and I walk away feeling inspired. Sophie and Eric are a pleasure and have created an incredible network of passionate, dedicated leaders in Customer who are paving the path for the future of the space.”
— Laurie Brescoll - Director of Customer Services Americas at Native Instruments
“I’ve been attending CS Lab workshops since 2014 and they are consistently the best meeting place for me to find new ideas and get to know my peers at other companies. Sophie and Eric have done an excellent job curating a talented group of support people, and they let us to dive in and discuss what is most important to us and our daily work. Support managers and executives occupy a unique place in any tech organization, and there is nothing better than realizing that others feel the same pains and challenges as you do every day, and then getting to find out how they deal with them. CS Lab workshops are always a productive and rewarding day.”
— Otto Imken - Head of Support at Cloudflare